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Murano Glass Chandeliers. Contemporary Glass Chandeliers
Swarovski Lighting Itailian Contemporary Lighting
Large Italian Chandeliers . Italian Contempory Chandeliers


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Art Deco Lights
Bathroom Lights
Classic Italian Lighting
with a contemporary twist
Chandelier wall lights
Contemporary Italian Chandelier
French Chandeliers
Flush Ceiling Lights
Hand blown glass chandeliers
Industrial Light Fittings
Italian Glass Chandelier
Italian Crystal Chandeliers
Italian Classic Chandelier
Large Chandeliers
LED Lighting Panels
Modern Italian Lighting
Modern Crystal Designer Lights
Modern Crystal Lighting
Nautical & Period lights Nickel Finish
Overbar / Modern Pendant Lights
Period & Nautical Pendants
Period & Nautical Wall Lights
Period Lanterns & Pillar Posts
Picture Lights
Swan Chandelier
Swarovski Crystal Downlights
Sputnik Lights
Swarovski Schonbek
Stairwell Lighting
Tiffany Lights
Table Lights
Traditional Lights
Wall Lights
Wrought Iron Lights
Modern Chairs
Hand Painted Furniture
Mirror Furniture
White Furniture
Country Furniture
Limed Oak Furniture

French Shabby Chic Furniture

Silver Mirrors
Gold Mirrors



On display in our showroom
Crystal Rain Drop 12
Shimmering crystal
Dia 850mm x H2800mm
12 x GU10
Lead Crystal

£1,995.00 + vat

Crystal Rectangle CH913
Length 1.5Mtrs x 800mm
Drop Adjustable
24 x 40watt G9 or 24 x LED Lamps
£2,195.00 + vat


On Display in our showroom
Crystal Ring Chandelier CH912
80cm Dia x 1mtr drop (adjustable)
can also be flush to ceiling
12 x 40 watt G9
£1,395.00 + vat


Glass Chandelier light

Nova-Dap Italian Chandalier (murano glass)
Dia 70cm x 1.2mtrs
16 x E14
£3,900.00 + vat



modern crystal drape chandelier
On Display in our showroom
CH-339 Crystal drape
Dia 65cm x 1Mtr Dia
6No. E14 Lamps 40 watt
(lead crystal)
£995.00 + vat

(also comes as a 14 Light)
1100 Dia x 1 Mtr H


Murano Bends



Murano Chandelier

Dia 90cm x 1.3Mtr drop + chain
19 No. x E27 Lamps
£4,995.00 + vat


glass italian chandelier
On Display in our showroom
Nova-tulip (murano glass)
Beautiful Italian Glass Chandelier
Finished in chrome or gold
On Display in our showroom
Dia 45 x h 50 (many more sizes available)
3 x E27 Lamps
£699.00 + vat



stairwell Chandelier

Violetta Italian Chandelier (murano glass)
Gold or Chrome
Dia 55cm x 150cm
12 Lights E27 + 1 E14
£2,999.00 + vat


Oval lantern
Nickel finish lanteren
36cm x 81cm
4 x E14 Lamps
£1,599.00 + vat

(also available in vintage brass)


nickel lantern
Hex nickel lantern (el-hex)
50cm Dia x 63cm
3 x E14 Lamps
£1,399.00 + vat
(also available in vintage brass)




crystal solid chandelier
Clear 30% Crystal Modern Chandelier CH901
(Crystal to all sides and under side) 4 lights G9
660mm x 220 x 800 high

£479.00 + vat
On Display in our showroom



Frozen Ice chandelier

On Display in our showroom

Stunning Long & Thin Frozen Ice crystal chandelier
(Matt Black)
LED Light 27w
1.5 Mtrs Long height adjustable
£995.00 + vat




Download the full range
Made in Italy
12 Lights
80cm Dia x H85cm
£4,995.00 + vat

Download the full range
36 Lights
140cm Dia x 158cm + chain
Champagne Finish


Italian glass Chandelier
600 Dia
7 x E27 Lamps
Stunning Italian glass Chandelier
(also available in other sizes + colours + wall lights)
600 Dia = £1,995.00 + vat
800 Dia = £2995.00 + vat


600 Dia
7 x E27 Lamps
Stunning Italian glass Chandelier
(also available in other sizes + colours + wall lights)
600 Dia = £1,995.00 + vat
800 Dia = £2995.00 + vat


Glass chandelier

Twisted glass chandelier
Dia 1400 x 4MTRS
Holiday Inn (Manchester)
Designer Lautus Design (Guernsey)




On display in our showroom
6 Mtr Air-bubble Chandelier
Fully adjustable
31 LED Lamps

£2,895.00 + vat

Also now in a 20 Light (4mtr drop)
(more photos on our stairwell page)

50cm Dia x 32cm
3No. E27 Lamps £2,250.00 + vat

60cm Dia x 42cm
6 No. E27 Lamps £2,995.00 + vat

85cm Dia x 55cm
8 No. E27 Lamps £4,495.00 + vat

murano glass chandelier
Murano Glass (made in Italy)
Chrome or gold finish
55cm Dia x 30cm (other sizes available)
£1,399.00 + vat

Nova Sun
Murano Glass (made in Italy)
65cm Dia (other sizes available)
£1,800.00 + vat

Nova Punta
Murano Glass (made in Italy)
600 Dia x H 43cm (other sizes available)
£1,995.00 + vat

murano glass chandelier
Murano Glass Chandeliers direct from the factory in Italy
We buy direct (not from a UK wholesaler like most other retailers)


Crystal Ball Gold, Clear or Champange
500mm Dia
350mm Dia
250mm Dia

glaas chandelier

Nova Chio Italian chandelier (murano glass)
Dia 60cm x h 70cm
7 No. E14
£2,199.00 + vat

(murano glass with strass crystal
Client: Gavacan Homes

On Display in our showroom

Viola Italian chandelier (murano glass with strass crystal)
Italian angle-cut crystal glass rods surrounding crystal drops
Gold or Chrome
Eleven Light Pendant
40cm Dia x 160cm + chain
11 x E14
£2,900.00 + vat


Prismatic Glass Shade
On Display in our showroom
Prismatic Glass Shade Pri-01
H340mm x Dia 380mm
60 Watt BC
£165.00 + vat

Prismatic shade
Prismatic Glass Shade Pri-02
(chain + cap can be chrome or antique)
H 450mm x Dia 350mm
100W BC Lamp
£199.00 + vat
also H 385 x D 270 £115.00 + vat
H 310mm x D 200mm £89.00 + vat
H 300 x D 130mm £69.00 + vat

prismatic flush fitting
Prismatic Glass Light Pri-03
H 230mm x D 462mm
100w BC Lamp
£135.00 + vat



crystal chandelier
On Display in our showroom
Crystal 4 Light Chandelier
H40cm x Dia 35cm
4 x SES 40Watt
£179.00 + vat

crystal rain

Ilfa-Crystal Rain in a line
7 x GU10 Lamp
1.5 Mtrs long x 2Mtr drop adjustable
£2,250.00 + vat

(also comes in a 3 light, 5 light and wall light)


Nickel Chain Chandelier EL-Chain
54cm Dia x 104cm
6 x E14 Lamps
£1,399.00 + vat

Also comes 44cm x 84cm £1,099.00 + vat

Crystal solid chandelier
Clear 30% Crystal Modern Chandelier CH900
(Crystal to all sides and under side) 6 lights G9
960mm x 220 x 800 high

£699.00 + vat
On Display in our showroom
Also now comes 1160 x 220 x 800 high
£845.00 + vat


Black Chandelier
Italian designed and made B-AG3264
Finished in Silver Leaf detail with black leather shades
Dia 93cm x 1.3Mtrs (overall)
18 x 40w E14
£3,895.00 + vat

(other sizes and finishes contact our showroom)

Italian glass chandelier
Italian designed and made B-AG3270
Finished in Gold Leaf with black leather shades
66cm x 1.1Mtrs (overall)
12 x 40w E14
£2,495.00 + vat

(other sizes and finishes contact our showroom)

chandelier with shade
Italian made chandelier B-AG041
Finished in Silver Leaf with black leather shade
(other sizes and finishes)
480cm x 1mtr (overall)
5 x E14
£1,499.00 + vat

Stairwell Gold crystal ball (Now in Gold)


Italian glass chandelier

Made in Italy Glass Chandelier
Dia 38cm x H 90cm + chain
£3,300.00 + vat


On Display in our showroom
Nickel Lamp 002
Nickel finish
H82cm + chain
£965.00 + vat










CH099 Glass balls
Dia 500 x Drop Max 2Mtrs
30 x G4
£599.00 + vat

On Display in our showroom

Italian Ice Chandelier (murano glass)
Supplied to
The L&C Company

Ice Chandelier

Italian Ice Light (murano glass)
50cm Dia x h 45cm
5No. E27
£995.00 + vat
(many more sizes available)

018 Crystal Stairwell light
Dia 1000mm x H2800mm
Private Client
Shoebury Essex
On Display in our showroom
£2,300.00 + vat


ILFA-Crystal Rain
50 x 50 Dia x 3Mtrs
8 x GU10
£2,495.00 + vat



Italian chandelier
Made in Italy
H90cm + chain x Dia 1Mtr
1 x E27 + 12 x G9
Murano glass, Asfour Crystal or Swarovski Crystal
(Prices are + vat)


Italian Made
H230cm x Dia 30cm
6 x E27
Finished in the following: (Prices are + vat)


Stunning modern crystal light
Dia 54cm x H 12cm
9 x 25w G9

£529.00 + vat


Art Deco Lighting
Our Stunning new range of Art Deco Lighting
(Handmade to order approx 6 - 8 weeks)
New Orleans Art Deco Light
L 95 x B 60 x H 62 cm
4 x E 14

£2,395.00 + vat

Lighting panels

We are the manufacturer of Swarovski
Ceiling Light Panels

Swarovski Lighting panels

Remote control
Swarovski Lighting Panel with Leds and halogens
On Display in our showroom

Flow chrome
Dia 110cm x 150cm
24 x 20W G4

£1.895.00 + vat
On display in our showroom


large chandelier
Italian Crystal Spiral Chandelier
Private Client
Benfleet Essex
(3 Mtr & 1 Mtr shown)
24K Gold or nickel finish
2 Mtr drop
£1,799.00 + vat

This stunning chandelier is on display in our
showroom (2 mtr version)


Italian over table Chandelier Chrome or Gold
12 Light
L117cm x H37cm x W53cm
£895.00 + vat
(also comes as a 16 Light L117cm x H37cm x W53cm)
£1,195.00 + vat


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